I am not going to spoil the ending, but I am going to tell you there was a big drama, and Dr. Erland "saved" Cinder. I also really enjoyed this book but I thought some parts were a bit predictable. I also thought I knew more about the book because it was based on Cinderella and sailor moon which is a TV series. In the end, I was mad because there was a part Two and now I'm going to have to read it to find out more....
As I predicted, Cinder is the lost lunar princess, and there was a big shocker I did not see coming. Dr. Erland is a lunar person, and the plague research was only to find the lost princess. I think Cinder has trouble managing her emotions because once Dr. Erland told her, she did not want to believe him. Also, he told her to stay out of sight because if Queen Levana saw her at the ball she would be killed. Prince Kai keeps asking Cinder to the ball, but she has to say no because her stepmother won't let her go. Queen Levana has an antidote for Letumosis and she gives it to the prince. Since the king dies, Dr. Erland who took the antidote from prince Kai, gave it to cinder for her sister. I thought Peony was going to stay alive; Cinder was not in time, so she gave it to a boy who was sick from Letumosis. Finally Cinder crashed the party; it was not her best decision.

Adri can't control her anger against Cinder, so she volunteered Cinder for the plague research. The plague research is mainly injecting Letumosis into a cyborg and then an antidote to see if it works. I think she will be immune to it because she is the main character. At the plague research center Cinder meets Dr. Erland, and he says she is a special person because she survived the plague. Then something strange happens because Prince Kai comes in and tells Dr. Erland if the have found any possible cure and Dr. Erland lies because he says no when he knows that isn't true because Cinder is immune to it. I think Dr. Erland knows a secret about cinder but doesn't want to tell her.

In the book they keep talking a bout a Lunar princes called Selene who might still be alive and can overthrow Queen Levana so I think Cinder is the lost Princess Selene.  If I am right that will mean Queen Levana is her aunt.

Also Prince Kai asked Cinder to the ball and he called her pretty! But he doesn't know that she is a cyborg. Since the book is based on Cinderella I think she will go to the ball and leave her slipper on the stairs as she runs away.

Adri got mad that Cinder didn’t die so she destroyed Iko. Of course Cinder didn’t tell her she was immune to it.

This book is so predictable

Parts of the book remind me of segregation because most of the people try  to avoid going anywhere near robots including Cinder. Then, Adri blames anything bad in her life to Cinder.

Then, while Cinder was working, Prince kai came to her shop and Cinder felt really nervous because since she is cyborg there was this warning screen that said:

  Overheating cooling down in 3...2...1

Kai came to Cinder for her to repair a broken cyborg with top secret information (I am not 100% sure it was an cyborg or an android because they are confusing to distinguish.) I also think that even over the years some people will think that women aren't capable of being smart because the Prince thought Cinder was a man.

After he leaves a Letumosis breakout occurs and Cinder makes a terrible decision of not being tested to see if she had contracted the plague. Then it made me sad that Peony contracted Letumosis. I think it was either Cinder's fault or the unsanitary environment around Peony that made her infected with Letumosis.

I still can't believe the doctors know if you have Letumosis by taking a blood sample from you but they don't have a cure!


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     The book Cinder takes place in the future after world war 4. Since it takes place in the future technology is more advanced than ever. For example, Cinder the main character is part human and part cyborg. There is also a plague called Letumosis. Then there are people who live on the moon; they are called Lunars. To get even worse, they have superpowers. Ex: mind-control, are pretty awesome but deadly. While reading the book, I thought how it might have been under their control, and it wasn't pretty.     
     There are many different characters in the book. One character I strongly dislike is Queen Levana. She is queen of the Lunars and wants to take over the world by marrying prince kai. DR. Erland works for prince Kai and he tries to find a cure for Letumosis. Prince Kai is the most charming person, and Cinder likes him, but she doesn't want to admit it. Cinder has two step sisters. One is Peony, she is nice and understands cinder but her sister pearl is too selfish. Adri, cinder's stepmother, is the second person I dislike because she treats cinder with disrespect and makes her work so she can have a good life. Cinder is the best mechanic in the capital New Beijing and she has a helper. Her helper's named is Iko and she is humorous and unexpected.